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April Ozkan

Hello, I am a professional photographer and designer. I love taking photos of special moments and interesting people.


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Love / Amour ­čĺĽ

It was a blessing for me to witness their love. And it was reflected beautifully on...


  Je suis avec vous une heure avant et apr├Ęs la naissance. Bien que je sois...

Montreal Parents and Kids Fair

5-6-7 April, we will be attending to Parents and Kids Fair. You can come and see...

It’s a boy!

My father!

Baby Shower’s Party

Derin Joel

It’s a girl!

A Family, Two Births

Henri Concept Photographs

Baby Product

In photoshoots where we’re working with big brands, preparation takes more time than a normal shooting....

Pregnant Product Shooting

Recently we made a shooting with a brand called Chezelle who does pregnant clothing. The hardest...


Pregnancy is a time full of miracles for a woman. Do you want to have good...

Concept Baby Photography

There is a magical and a joyous thing about doing photo shoots with babies.  I think...

Bebe D’or

We did a great campaign shooting for Bebe D’or, a company which is popular mainly in...

Knitting magazine for babies

We completed our Bravo Knitting magazine shooting with 5 sweet babies. The babies were so cute...

Children’s Furniture

We completed the Mini Baby Furniture shooting in a record period, 25 days. Mina Baby had...

Packing Packages

It is a different pleasure for me to shoot the images on the packaging of world-famous...

Baby diaper packing

  The shooting we did for Confy Baby lasted 3 days. We created 6 different packing...


The shooting I completed in Istanbul’s fascinating workshop was completed within 2 hours. It was really...

Huggies Turkey

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